Acquire the Skills Needed To Make Each Shot Count

Offering Excellent Golf Lessons to Clients of All Ages

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Improve Your Golf Game With The Help of an Expert

Learn all the basics of golf and become a better player with the assistance of Tiger Lily, PGA in Henderson, Nevada. My name is Lily Garcia-Kurotobi, and I am dedicated to guiding all of my clients to become exceptional golfers.


What I Can Do for You

I can help you maximize your full potential by teaching you the game’s fundamentals. You can rely on me to guide you in understanding why the ball flies in a certain direction or how the impact and lie angle of the club and ball affects this movement.

The golf classes that I offer can be enjoyed by seniors, men, women, young adults, and even children. Whether you want to join private lessons, group classes, comprehensive clinics, or on-course programs, I have got you covered with my services.

My Process

As a golf instructor, I am passionate about instructing my clients efficiently and with patience. I will be there to support you as you hone your skills, encouraging you to learn the game in an enjoyable and fun manner.


Committed to Inspiring People To Play Golf

As a part of my duty in being a golf player, I am also dedicated to growing and developing the game. I do this by increasing the participation of seniors, women, children, and men in the sport.

Ask About My Golf Lessons Today

For more information about the programs I provide to help you master the basics of golf, get in touch with me today. I look forward to hearing from you soon.